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Welcome!  My name is Amy Sullivan, and I am the creator of Twistin Twirlin Tutus.  I was originally an elementary school teacher, but when my daughter was born, I just simply couldn't leave her.  I decided to take a leave of absence to spend time raising my sweet Cloey.  When money started getting tight, I knew I had to do something.  After ordering a tutu birthday outfit for Cloey's first birthday and being quite disappointed in it, I realized that I could improve the tutu outfit and start my own shop.  That is when Twisitin Twirlin Tutus was born!  I started off on Etsy with just tutus.  Then, I purchased a professional heat press and started making shirts.  My business began to grow like crazy.  As the positive reviews started pouring in, so did many referral.  In just 2 years, Twistin Twirlin Tutus had over 7,500 sales!  I also have over 1200 reviews with 5 stars across the board. 

With Etsy going through so many changes, I knew it was time I flew solo....and here I am! Starting your own website is no easy task.  I need all the support I can get, so please like me on Facebook and follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.