How to celebrate the last day of school

How to Celebrate the Last Day of School

 Last Day of School

It's almost here, the last day of school!  Here are some great ways to celebrate.

  1. Buy a unique, custom shirt for the occasion.
  2. Commemorate the day with a photo.
  3. Interview your kids for keepsakes.
  4. Go out for ice cream or a special dinner.
  5. Pick up a special cake or cupcakes.
  6. Visit a book store to get started on your summer reading haul.
  7. Make a summer bucket list.
  8. Go for a picnic.
  9. Campout in your backyard.

Buy a unique, custom shirt.

Last Day of SchoolLast Day of Kindergarten ShirtLast Day of School ShirtLast Day of Kindergarten shirt
These fun, customized shirts are perfect for celebrating the last day of school and keeping for memories.  They come with your child's name, grade, favorite part of the school, and the year.  Some of these even come with your child's plans for summer.  These are great to look back on over the year to see how much you kids have changed. You can purchase them here.

Commemorate the occasion with a photo

Last Day of School Photo     Last Day of School Photo

Each year, we do these photos for the first and last day of school.  They hold up a chalkboard with some basic information about the year and what they have learned.

Interview your kids for keepsakes.

Child interview


This is a fun way to remember how your kids were at each stage.  It's a simple interview to keep and look back on year after year.  You can print it for free here.

Go out for ice cream or a special dinner

Ice Cream

After picking up the kids from school with their piles of stuff from the classroom, head out to your local ice cream shop or fun restaurant to celebrate.

Pick up a special cake or cupcakes to celebrate


Another simple, yet delicious way to celebrate the last day of school, cake!  I find any excuse to get cake.

Stock up for summer reading


We go to the bookstore every year after the last day of school to pick out books to read over summer break.  We even get a workbook or two and maybe a new board game.  

Make a family summer bucket lists

Summer bucket list

While eating our special dinner or treat, we come up with a family summer bucket list, within reason of course.  My kids usually make one up with their neighborhood friends as well. To download this bucket list, click here.

Go for a picnic

Summer picnic

Pack up a fun meal or snack and head to the pack for a picnic.  This is also a great time to come up with a summer bucket list.

Camp out in your backyard


What a great way to kick off your summer break!  Pitch a tent in the backyard and camp out as a family. S'more are also a must. 

How do you celebrate the last day of school?

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