Birthday Ideas While Stuck at Home

Birthday Ideas While Stuck at Home

Covid-19 has definitely altered our lives in many ways.  Many of us parents are now homeschooling our children, working from home, or have had our income slashed.  Kids are trying to understand what is happening all around them. 

Although birthday parties may not be our top priority, it is still important as parents to make our children's birthday special while being stuck at home.  Here are some great ideas to make you child's birthday memorable during this difficult time.

  • Let them make their own birthday cake! Kids love to be in the kitchen, and what's more fun that baking and decorating a birthday cake.  Let them go nuts with colorful frosting, sprinkles, M&Ms, candy, whip cream, fruit, etc.
  • Fill their room with balloons while they are sleeping. How fun would it be to wake up to a room full of balloons on your birthday?  It will definitely be a moment they will always remember.
  • Have an art party. When my daughter turned 5, we had an art party, and it was hands down my favorite party to throw.  Although you can't invite friends over right now, it's still fun to do lots of arts and crafts, especially if Mom and/or Dad joins in.  You can find all the details to our art party here.  Make sure to check out the custom art shirt and apron in my shop here.
  • Have a tea party. Let your child dress up in their fanciest clothes and have a tea party with them.  If they still love stuffed animals or dolls, invite them as well.  Put on some fun and fancy music, make their favorite beverage and finger sandwiches, and get out your most lavish dishes.
  • Have a dance party. Turn on some crazy dance music and get moving.  Dancing will help everyone forget about this terrible time and burn off some of those calories from that amazing cake they made!
  • Video chat. Use your phone, tablet, or computers to video chat with friends and family.
  • Request birthday wishes videos. Send out a text or email to friends and family asking them to make a short video of themselves wishing your child and happy birthday.
  • Have a movie/cartoon themed day! Any Frozen fans out there?  Maybe some Peppa Pig or Puppy Dog Pals kiddos?  Binge watch their favorite show, make a themed breakfast, lunch, and maybe even dinner based on their show of choice.  If your child loves Frozen, maybe make some snowflake shaped pancakes for breakfast.  You could cut out cheese slices with a snowflake fondant cutter and have crackers and cheese and a blue icy drink for snack.  Make some play snow using a bag of cornstarch mixed with a cup of conditioner. Surprise them with a custom Frozen birthday shirt from my shop here.  You get my drift.  Pick a theme and run with it!
  • Have a Lego day. Surprise them with some new Lego sets and spend the day building.  You could use specific kits or create your own.  We love putting down cardboard and drawing roads.  Then we create Lego buildings for the city and use toy cars to drive around. So much fun!  You could make them a Lego cake and snacks too! Lego shirts are sold here.
  • Make them a Prince or Princess for the day! Let them dress up and make them a crown/tiara to wear.  Load them up with fancy jewelry and set up a royal throne.  Let them decide what they want to play and choose the menu for the day.  Top it off with some royal cupcakes and treats.  I have tons of princess/prince theme shirts you can find here.
  • The perfect 1st birthday theme! This Little Piggy Stayed Home! Throw a cute little piggy birthday at home.  Click here for the apparel.

Little Piggy Stayed Home

Have you had to endure a kid's birthday party stuck at home?  If so, what did you do to make it special?

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