Summer Birthday Party Tips

Hey everyone!  This is my very first blog so bear with me.  I absolutely LOVE planning and designing children's birthday parties, so I plan to blog about different themes and ideas that you can use to plan that perfect party that your child will remember years from now. Both my babies were born in the summer, so I have had the great pleasure of planning summer parties and wanted to share my tips with you all. Some of these may seem obvious, but we didn't think of them all the first time around so maybe you haven't either lol.

1. Water! Water! Water!

Because outdoor summer parties can get hot, we always try to stick with water for beverages.  All the soda and juice can dehydrate your guests especially in the summer sun.  However, since it is a birthday party, I always buy a few packages of juice boxes (enough for each kid to have one, maybe two) and then once they are all gone, they have no choice but to switch to water.  The small water bottles are nice for the kids too.

2. Ice Cream Cups

At our last summer bash, we purchased Solo plastic cups with lids and pre-scooped ice cream the night before.  This made cake and ice cream time much easier to just pass out a cup of ice cream instead of scooping it while cutting cake. That part of the party always seems to get so hectic with all those crazy kids wanting cake and ice cream now!

3. Plan for Indoor Guests

We discovered that many guests (especially older guests or moms with babies) preferred to be inside in the air conditioning.  We quickly learned to have our house prepped for party guests as much as the backyard was. Keep the temperature turned down low to give people that cool break every once in a while

4. Frozen Treats

If you are having a backyard party without a clear ending time, an easy, affordable idea is to buy a bunch of those Icee pops.  You know what I'm talking about.... those plastic sleeves with juice in them that you have to cut the top off of.  They are very cheap and you can get them out later on during the party to keep the kids cool. Yummy frozen ADULT drinks are quite nice too! They always help take off the edge from all the insane party planning you've done.

5. Incorporate Water Games

Our main attraction at all of our birthday parties is a gigantic inflatable water slide.  We don't own one, but we rent one every year.  The one we rent is HUGE!  That thing keeps kids of ALL ages entertained (I have little kids plus teenage step-kids) for the entire day.  We pay $300 every year and the company does all the set up and take down.  The parents love it because they can just sit, chill, chat, and drink with other adults instead of trying to keep their kids entertained.  It is definitely worth the money.

6. Keep the Menu Light

When it's hot out, we always keep the menu light and try not to incorporate too many heavy, creamy, cheesy dishes.  Plus, I don't know about you, but nothing is better than grilled burgers, hot dogs, chips, and watermelon! Also, a neat tip is to use a baby pool filled with ice to keep cold dishes cold.

What tips do you have for throwing summer birthday parties?  Please share your tips and sign up to receive updates on all my products, promotions, and my awesome new blog!